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Guess The Flavor For Today's Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Guess the pasta flavor for this week’s Use Your Noodle Trivia! One lucky winner who guesses it correctly will win FREE PASTA! Play on Facebook

Is this…
A. Basil Garlic
B. Rosemary Garlic
C. Spinach Garlic
D. Spinach Lemon Herb

We will randomly select a winner today at 4 p.m. from the contestants with the correct answer. The winner will receive a free lb. of dried pasta - flavor of their choice. Good luck!


I think it is Spinach Lemon Herb!

Hi thanks for guessing on yesterday's Use Your Noodle Trivia game. The correct answer was B. Rosemary Garlic Linguine. We offer weekly trivia every Tuesday that begins at 10 am MST and ends at 4 pm MST. The best way to play is on Facebook (link always provided) or Twitter. If you aren't on social media, feel free to guess on here. If so, be sure to answer within the timeline the game is active so you can be qualified to be a potential winner.