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How are your gluten-free products made?

We designed our GF pasta to be the best tasting available anywhere, and would certainly not want to ruin that experience through any type of cross-contamination. While our product is not presently made in a GF dedicated facility, we have taken very careful steps to avoid potential cross-contamination. We make all of our dried GF pasta on a GF dedicated production line -- including pasta machines, drying racks and drying rooms. We store our raw ingredients and GF pasta in special containers or areas to further minimize any potential cross-contamination. 

We believe our efforts to isolate our GF pasta have been highly successful as numerous Celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals have enjoyed our GF pasta since its 2010 introduction. We have sold a lot of product since then & have many repeat GF customers who have told us ours is the best they've ever tasted. We also have independent lab tests and internal tests confirming non-detect of gluten at 10 ppm. To put these results in perspective, the FDA has recently passed a standard that requires products labeled as "gluten-free" to be non-detect at 20-ppm. We take great pride that our 10 ppm test level is more stringent than even the federal standard.  

The above being said, if you are highly sensitive to gluten, you should again take into account that our facility is non-dedicated.