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How do I cook the pasta?

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a rolling boil on high, using 4 quarts of water for every pound of pasta.

For Fresh-Frozen pasta, add the pasta to the water and reduce the heat immediately to medium. Fresh-frozen pasta should be placed directly from the freezer into the water -- i.e., do not thaw -- and stirred gently and occasionally, until the pasta floats to top of the water. 

Dried pasta should be stirred for the first 15 seconds and stirred occasionally thereafter.

Start the timer once the water returns to a slow simmer or gentle rolling boil. Cook until al dente, using the following guidelines:

  • Dried Flat-Cut Pasta: 8-10 minutes, except 6-8 minutes for lower altitudes and thinner cuts like angel hair, and 10-12 minutes for the wide pappardelle cut.
  • Dark Chocolate Linguine: 6-8 minutes, 5 minutes for lower altitudes. Cooks faster than other dry flat-cut pasta.
  • Dried Pasta Shapes: 10-12 minutes, except 8-10 minutes for lower altitudes, and longer (11-13 minutes) for thicker noodles like sea shells or trumpets.
  • Dried Orzo Pasta: 10-12 minutes, except 8-10 minutes for lower altitudes.
  • Lasagna Noodles: 6-8 minutes par cooked or use dry noodles in baking dish.
  • Dried Nutritional Pasta: 8-10 minutes, except 6-8 minutes for lower altitudes.
  • All Pasta Luce Flavors: 14 minutes.
  • Dried Gluten-Free: See product specific pages.
  • Frozen Ravioli and Tortellini/Tortelloni: 8-10 minutes, except shorter for lower altitudes.
  • Frozen Gnocchi: 2-3 minutes or until pasta floats to surface. (Be careful not to overcook, as the Gnocchi will begin to dissolve.) Remove from water with a slotted spoon and taste for doneness. Great pan-seared after boiling.