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Q: Are your "Where to Find Us" listings accurate? Do your vendors always attend the market?

The Where to Find Us section of our website is updated regularly. If you would like to double check that our vendor will be at your market, please contact us. Our vendors are committed to attending each market day, but occasionally other conflicts prevent this from happening. If you find a vendor is continually missing market days, please let us know about it! We can be contacted here.

Q: Are your pastas made in the USA?

Yes! All of our pastas, sauces and pesto are made in our Denver, Colorado facility and have been since 1984. In fact, we source over 95 percent of our raw materials from US growers. We only have a few specialty ingredients that can only be sourced abroad.

Q: Are your products Dairy-Free? Vegan?

Please click here to see the dairy-free and vegan status of all of our products.

Q: Are your products free from Genetically Modified Organisms? Are your products organic?

Since 1984, Pappardelle’s has been committed to using whole foods in the creation of our products. Each flavor that we create is naturally derived from the actual spice, herb, vegetable or fruit that has been infused into that product. We never use artificial ingredients. 

We are continually looking to improve our products and offer our loyal customers the healthiest products that we can. As part of that, we will continue to increase the number of organic (and thus, non-GMO) ingredients in our products where possible. We are committed to doing our part and demanding from our suppliers and farmers raw ingredients that are truly natural, organic and free from genetically modified organisms. We want to help grow the current 1% of US organic cropland to sustainable levels. 

Our goal is to be completely non-GMO verified by 2018. We are confident that by that time there will be enough supply of non-GMO and organic ingredients for our products to be compliant. 

The above being said, we want you to know that many of our products are already GMO-free as they do not contain genetically modified ingredients (i.e. genetic modification has never been approved or attempted for the ingredients). If you have any concern about a particular product, please contact us. We will let you know if we have received verification for our suppliers and/or farmers about the GMO status of the ingredient used in that product.  

For those of you that must dine gluten-free, please know that all of our gluten-free pastas are GMO-free.

Q: Are your products Kosher?

Our products are not certified Kosher.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

You are more than welcome to pick up your order(s) at our manufacturing facility in Denver, CO. If you would like this option, please select “Warehouse Pickup” as the shipping option when you checkout. We will email or call you when your order is ready!

Q: Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of food products, we are unable to accept returns. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

Q: Do you offer coupon/promotional codes?

Occasionally, we do offer promotional coupons/codes! Look for these discounts through our social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), or check out our website homepage (under "What's New" and/or our featured product of the week on our Menu Board). Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Promotional coupons/codes cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Other exclusions may apply.

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

We offer electronic gift cards. We will email the gift card code directly to you so that you can either pass it on electronically to the recipient or print it and include it as part of a physical gift.

*Note: The entire gift card amount must be redeemed at one time. In other words, if you purchase a $25 gift card, when redeeming that gift card, the order total must be at least $25. Gift cards are good for one use only and cannot carry any balance.

Please know that our electronic gift cards can only be used on our website. Our farmers’ market and retail vendors do not accept them.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! We ship all dry products to Canada via UPS Standard and all fresh-frozen products via UPS Worldwide Express. Our shipping software will automatically apply the correct shipping method at checkout.  

Please note that Canada Customs requires Canadian recipients to pay applicable duties and taxes on each shipment entering Canada. These charges may include PST, GST, HST, duties and other taxes of goods (e.g. excise tax). A brokerage fee is also charged to process shipments and present the requisite customs paperwork to Canada Customs on the importer’s behalf.

Your order will be shipped under UPS’s e-Tailer Brokerage Program (eBP), where eligible shipments imported into Canada for non-commercial purposes and valued under CAD$ 200 shipped via UPS Standard service are subject to a reduced brokerage fee of CAD$ 10, plus any applicable duties and taxes. Shipments valued at CAD$ 200 and above and/or being imported to Canada for commercial purposes and/or subject to specialized clearance may incur additional fees.

Please, be aware that UPS will request payment of these charges at the time of delivery. You have the ability to call UPS ahead of time (1-800-742-5877) to pay these charges, eliminating the need for payment on delivery.