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Rewards Program

Pappardelle’s has grown organically (i.e. w/o advertising) thanks to our farmers' market & specialty store vendors and to our customers' repeat business and referrals to friends & family. We've always given back a part of your Internet purchases to your farmers' market vendor. Now with cool, new technology, we can give back to you, too! 

When you create an account on our website, you are automatically enrolled in our unique “Pasta High Five" Loyalty & Referral Rewards Program™! It’s a way to thank you for your purchases and, if you like us enough to refer us to others, a way to give you and them a further “thank you.” Benefits include:

  • 5% back to you each time your cumulative purchases add up to $50. No limit!
  • 5% back to you for every dollar your referred friends & family spend on our site. No limit to the number of people you can refer or how much you can earn! 
  • 5% back to all of the people you refer to our site every time their collective purchases add up to $500 (the 5% will be split proportionately amongst them). We hope this "extra" encourages each of them to list you as their "referring person." And if you were referred to our site, you are part of that person’s or vendor's referral group and will participate in this 5% group give back. Again, no limit!

We’ve made it easy for you to receive referral credit for your friends’ & family’s purchases through your email address or a referral link we will create specifically for you to share on Facebook or Twitter, or through a text or email message. You will receive details on how this works in your order confirmation or account set up email.

If you are new to Pappardelle's, we truly hope you love our culinarily fun products and our dedication to small-batch artisan quality. And if you become a believer in our products, we ask you to please recommend us to your friends & family. That is the main way Pappardelle's grows.

To all of our customers, we once again say thank you for your loyalty, for sharing us with your friends and for helping our small family pasta company to remain true to our mission as we reach out to others!

With Sincere Appreciation,

Jim & Paula,

Buon appetito!

Please click here for details of our "Pasta High Five" Loyalty & Referral Rewards Program™, including terms, conditions, and limitations.