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20% OFF Extreme Habanero Radiatore - Friday Deal!

Aug 28th, 2015
For those of you in search for tasty pasta packed with some serious heat, look no further - our...

Use Your Noodle Trivia...Pasta Habits! Play Now!

Aug 25th, 2015
How do you eat your pasta? Play Use Your Noodle Trivia now on Facebook to learn a little bit...

This Week’s Friday Deal – 20% OFF Vanilla-Fig Balsamic!

Aug 21st, 2015
Jazz up your savory and/or sweet meals with our Vanilla-Fig Balsamic, which is 20% OFF for this...

Name That Food - Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Aug 18th, 2015
Want to win a free lb. of pasta? Play our Use Your Noodle Trivia game on Facebook and you...

20% OFF Supreme Orzo For This Week's Friday Deal!

Aug 14th, 2015
Want to feel superior? Order a package or two of our Supreme Orzo, which is 20% OFF for the Friday...

Guess The Pasta Flavor For Today's Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Aug 11th, 2015
Which Pappardelle’s pasta flavor is this? Play now on Facebook!    A. Red...

20% OFF Lemon Garlic Orzo For This Week's Friday Deal!

Aug 7th, 2015
Happy Friday! Our Lemon Garlic Orzo is 20% OFF for this week’s Friday Deal!...

Colorado-Themed Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Aug 4th, 2015
Test your Colorado knowledge with today’s Use Your Noodle Trivia! Play now on Facebook!...

Pappardelle's Pasta Celebrating "Back to School" with Free Shipping!

Jul 30th, 2015
Greetings Loyal Customers! Let’s start off with a little "Back to School"...

Play Lasagna Day-Inspired Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Jul 28th, 2015
Tomorrow is Lasagna Day, but today is Use Your Noodle Trivia day. Play now on Facebook...