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Friday Deal: Valentine's Day Special - 20% OFF ALL Chocolate Products!

Feb 6th, 2015
Treat that special someone this Valentine’s Day to some romantic chocolate… But not...

Use Your Noodle Trivia...Play Now!

Feb 3rd, 2015
Use Your Noodle Trivia! Can you guess these peculiar ways to help reduce the risk for heart disease...

Friday Deal - 20% OFF Oat & Flax Linguine!

Jan 30th, 2015
Let’s kick off American Heart Month, also known as February, with today’s Friday Deal...

Use Your Noodle Trivia...Will Punxsutawney Phil See His Shadow?

Jan 27th, 2015
Phil will leave his burrow at 7:25 a.m. ET on Monday, February 2. He will observe the weather...

Friday Deal - 20% OFF Plain Rooster Comb!

Jan 23rd, 2015
Friday Deal – 20% OFF Plain Rooster Comb Noodles ( With the Super...

Use Your Noodle Trivia...Cheese Lover's Edition!

Jan 20th, 2015
Do you love cheese or winning free pasta? If you answered yes to either question, be sure to play...

20% OFF Yellow Bell Pepper Pappardelle For This Week's Friday Deal!

Jan 16th, 2015
It’s Friday, which means…20% OFF our Yellow Bell Pepper Pappardelle for this week...

Use Your Noodle Trivia...Play Now on Facebook!

Jan 13th, 2015
Challenge yourself with today’s Use Your Noodle Trivia! Winner gets FREE pasta! (See below...

Friday Deal - 20% OFF Chili Verde & Cheddar Cheese Ravioli in Cilantro Chive Dough!

Jan 9th, 2015
Happy Friday! Take 20% OFF our Chili Verde & Cheddar Cheese Ravioli (

Guess Who With Today's Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Jan 6th, 2015
You could win FREE PASTA if you guess who I am with today’s Use Your Noodle Trivia! Play on...