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Use Your Noodle Trivia

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Tuesday Trivia: For this week’s #UseYourNoodle trivia challenge, we are going to send you on a trek around the world. (Hint: The destination is not Italy!) 

According to the Association of Pasta Manufacturers of the European Union, our destination is one of the top five pasta-consuming countries in the world. That being said, you might be surprised that its citizens even eat carbs, considering this country has won more international beauty pageants than any other. This country's inhabitants also work at staying fit by honoring a unique Christmas tradition: roller-skating down closed streets to early morning Church services! What country we are thinking of?

The winner will be chosen at random among those entries that have the correct country. The winning contestant will receive a free pound of dry pasta – flavor of your choice – and will be announced at 4 pm MST. Please, only one submission per contestant and you can only win once per month. One final disclaimer… if you are a Pappardelle’s vendor, employee, or family member of a vendor or employee, you are not allowed to play. You already know too many of our secrets! Good luck!!!