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Responsive Design

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our website was designed using new technology called responsive design. This technology allows our website to automatically retroactively adjust itself to fit your device’s screen size. Basically, it eliminates the need to design a separate website for a computer, tablet or smart phone. 

Also, the use of responsive design eliminates the need for you to create an app. On most smartphones, you have the option, on the share/bookmark feature of your phone’s web browser, to create a “Home Screen” icon/“app” button. We encourage you to add a link to Pappardelle’s on your Home Screen. Doing so will make finding recipes and other useful pasta information even quicker and easier. 

As an example, if you are out at a farmers’ market or your favorite niche gourmet shop, you will be able to easily find and READ things like ingredient statements, nutritional statements, cooking instructions and recipes on your phone! All the information you need is right at your fingertips, and no zooming in and out is required!