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Play Use Your Noodle Craft Beer Week Edition Now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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We like our microbrews here at Pappardelles, so we thought why not support Craft Beer Week with a little Use Your Noodle beer trivia!

According to data from one of the largest brewing associations, in 2012, how many total breweries were there in Colorado and what percentage does Colorado make up of the total breweries in the USA? One more beer question… Where did Colorado rank on the per capita list (again, in 2012)?

We will randomly choose a winner from the contestants with the correct answers and they will receive a free pound of dry pasta – flavor of your choice! The winner will be announced at 4 pm MST. Please, only one submission per contestant and you can only win once per month. One final disclaimer… If you are a Pappardelle’s vendor, employee, or family member of a vendor or employee, you are not allowed to play. You already know too many of our secrets. Good luck!