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Colorado Proud Month Use Your Noodle Trivia!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Colorado Proud Month Use Your Noodle trivia! Play now on Facebook!

Today’s Question: This crop was one of the first commercially grown in Colorado — made possible by the availability of irrigation water and rich soil. By 1909, CO became the leading producer of this crop and eventually it became known as Colorado’s mainstay. It hit its peak in CO in 1969, with winter storms and technological advances both aiding in its steady decline. What crop are we referring to?

We will randomly choose a winner from the contestants with the correct answer and the winner will receive a free pound of dry pasta – flavor of their choice! The winner will be announced today, August 12, at 4 pm MST. Please, only one submission per contestant and you can only win once per month. One final disclaimer… If you are a Pappardelle’s vendor, employee, or family member of a vendor or employee, you are not allowed to play, you already know too many of our secrets. Good luck!